Our Approach - Pregiotek

Digital and Agile Evangelist

We embrace the digital world with an Agile and Lean mindset


If you want a beautiful product, go for simplicity. We do not believe in over-complicated solutions.


We believe in mutual engagement to build meaningful products.


We go straight to the point and create a product that actually addresses your customer’s challenges. We always produce a deliverable at the end.

Do you have a great idea?

Get your prototype on the way and hit the market in a sec.

How to collaborate

We choose the methodology that suits you best.

Team as a Service

We provide you with the appropriate team that will follow your project as it evolves.

Fixed Price

We agree on the project scope and we deliver the software or the service on an agreed budget.

Startup pack

We pick together one specific challenge and solve it with the creation of a wireframe, mock-up or prototype.