01/04/2020 Roger Habineza

3 Tips & Tricks For Efficient Home Working



As the world is fighting the Global Pandemic that is the Coronavirus, most governments have asked their citizens to go into lockdown and office workers are expected to work from their homes to drastically reduce the spreading of the virus.

Most companies are rethinking their way of working and they are reorganizing their teams, processes and providing their workforce with the relevant equipment and technologies to ensure business continuity.

We believe there are 3 key points which can help your organization guarantee a high level of efficiency when teleworking:

• The working space

• The tools

• The governance structure


1. The working space 

Choose one spot that will be your designated working space, preferably one that is separate from the area where you eat or rest.

Being in a quiet setting will help you focus and will prevent you from being disturbed. You can also decorate the space with pictures or objects that will make you feel comfortable but not distracted.

You will perform better if you sit at a desk on a cozy chair instead of your couch. Finding a space with natural light and moderate temperature will allow you to stay seated for long periods of time while staying concentrated. 





2. The tools 

Having a stable internet connection is essential. It will allow you to use all the following tools in the best conditions and avoid interruptions, especially during video conference meetings. 

The tools you use are very important to ensure good communication with the team when working remotely. In addition to the traditional means of communication such as emails, phone calls and texts, here are 3 tools that we recommend using:



Slack is an instant messaging platform you can use to set up group conversations, have one on one video calls and share files. You can also create channels per departments or projects that you are working on to stay organized and ensure visibility and transparency for the whole team. On top of that, Slack offers the possibility to enable chatbots with various features such as gathering daily stand-up meeting information from team members. 




Whereby is a video meeting tool. It’s quick and easy to set up as it doesn’t require any downloads or logins. You can simply share a Whereby link and start your call right away with up to 12 participants. It also allows you to reuse that same link to have regularly scheduled meetings.




Trello is an excellent task management tool. You can use it to organize and prioritize tasks, track their progress and share it with the team in real-time. You can personalize your boards with different color codes and checklists. It is lightweight, easy to use and simplifies the communication as all the information is available at a glance.


3. The governance structure

The governance structure is at the center of remote work. We believe that having a governance framework is crucial in any structure or project and it allows everyone to work with the same precision and rigor when working remotely.  

The governance defines, guides and gives structure to the organization or the project you are working on. It clarifies every team member’s role, responsibility and who they report to.



This framework intervenes on all factors and at all levels. For example, when having a video conference meeting, the governance structure determines the key participants, the topic and the outcome to avoid having an unproductive session. 

It is important to establish a governance structure at the beginning of every project, especially for projects with big teams. Even if you have all the tools mentioned previously, the governance will be a benchmark everybody can refer to and it will help you carry out any task efficiently.




These are some tips that we at Pregiotek have applied for quite some time. All of these combined have helped us organize our work and allowed us to be as efficient (if not more) as we would be working in an office. In the end, all these tools enhance core values such as communication, transparency and trust, which we believe are essential in a team.
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