01/04/2019 Nicola

Providing Instant Bank Transfer via Innovative Technology Banking in Belgium

How often do you hear or say to yourself?

  • I want it today!
  • I need to know my up-to-date financial situation!
  • I will send you the money immediately!

The list is endless, and why? Because these days everyone is living frenetic lives and wants information, solutions and satisfaction in an instant. Gone are the days when family, a friend or a company would expect to wait days for a payment to come through or a bill to be paid.

With the widespread use of the mobile phone, mobile banking or other handheld devices, many people are living their lives on the run. People want the ability to carry out their financial transactions whilst commuting or during a quick break from work. They do not want to be restricted to ‘opening hours’ or running to the bank to check if a payment has been made.  They want to have the information at their fingertips and they want it instantly!

Banking in Belgium now has the green light to make use of the technology that is out there to bring our banking needs into the 21st century.

So what is this new technology for banking in Belgium? Well, it is called Instant Bank Transfer and Pregiotek is the company that can provide you with all your needs in best practice technology for implementing innovations.

Who are we?

Pregiotek is a Belgian company that understands the power of technology and is able to adapt it to all forms of interaction and action. We fully grasp the fast-changing needs of our customers and can guide them towards making the right choices in technological products in a world of high finance and banking. Technology Banking in Belgium is at the heart of Europe and Pregiotek is right at the centre, being based in Brussels.

What we do?

Our highly qualified and motivated staff provide solutions that are beautifully crafted, easy to maintain, and based on the latest, innovative technologies. Our team work closely with you, the customer, exploring business-related data to gain an important insight into your needs, therefore enabling us to provide a product that targets specifically your requirements. Your challenges become our challenges and we pride ourselves in providing realistic solutions to attain results.

How does Pregiotek see Banking in Belgium progressing?

Pregiotek understands that in this day and age, when the latest technology and connectivity have made instant gratification a part of our lifestyles, people no longer want to wait two or three days for payments to be made or money transfers to be approved. Now, by using Instant Bank in Belgium, you can use the latest technologies in the fast and frenetic world of finance. It is the perfect payment solution that makes it faster and easier to send and receive money between individuals or companies.

What is Instant Bank Transfer?

Instant Bank Transfer is the latest, innovative way of exchanging money or making purchases using electronic retail payment solutions. Instant Bank Transfer is a method of transferring money that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week including weekends and public holidays. Instant Bank Transfer provides an immediate or almost immediate clearing of a transaction and crediting of the payee’s account with confirmation to the payer, often within seconds of the payment being made. It does not matter if the beneficiary is a customer of the same bank or not. The money is almost immediately in their account.

What are the advantages?

Being able to carry out transactions instantly and on a 24/7 basis is expected across a wide spectrum today and the ability to execute a payment instantly offers great value to all parties. The consumer benefits from the increased convenience. Companies benefit from an improvement of cash flow, optimisation of cash management and a reduction in risk. Everyone benefits from immediate and more transparent delivery and receipt of time-critical payments. With instant payments, as more transactions are made digitally instead of in cash, payments will become less expensive and more user-friendly.

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